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Archives for May 2015

That’s Right Folks, Dyslexia Isn’t Related to Eyesight

Dyslexia isn’t related to eyesight. Didn’t we already know that? We felt compelled to write a post that directly addresses some new research that came out in the United Kingdom and was subsequently reported by the BBC this week, causing a firestorm of supposed ah-ha moments and subsequent mudslinging. If … Continue reading

Lingering Effects After Brain Injury, Concussion, and Whiplash: You Don’t Have To Live Like That

We’ve been talking a lot lately about all the work Irlen is doing with US military and veteran TBI victims, and you might wonder why. Well, a US Marine who suffers a combat-related brain injury is no different than a 5th grader who gets a concussion on the soccer field, or … Continue reading