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Meet the Super Color Rangers

While most of us can agree that wearing colored glasses is pretty cool (I mean, come on, Hollywood celebrities do it just for fun and fashion’s sake), sometimes kids with Irlen Syndrome don’t feel quite the same way about wearing their Irlen Spectral Filters. Let’s face it, being a kid … Continue reading

This Is Why Your Glasses Won’t Be The Same Color As Your Overlay

You’ve just been Screened for Irlen Syndrome and you found out that an Aqua overlay helps you. Now you want to run out and buy a blue pair of glasses, right? Wrong!! Don’t ever tint glasses the same color as your overlay! Stop. Breathe. We’re not sure you heard us, … Continue reading

50 Shades of Grey Matter: Recent Breakthrough Discoveries About How Color Affects Brain Activity

When it comes to the brain, it’s not just about grey matter. In fact, the latest research suggests that color can have a really big impact on how the brain functions. Color influences brain activity patterns in areas of the brain that support perception, thought, language, and emotions. That means, … Continue reading

The Success of ISAW 2017

ISAW 2017 Mobilizes a Worldwide Surge in Awareness The 4th annual Irlen Syndrome Awareness Week was nothing short of a massive success, generating a buzz about the condition and its available solution all over the world. This group effort benefited from participation by national and local media, like the BBC, … Continue reading

The Irlen Method In Russia

  For the first time, Irlen technology is now available to individuals in Russia. This past month, Helen Irlen was invited to Russia by the International Autism Institute to train professionals at this facility in the Irlen Method. The International Autism Institute is part of Krasnoyarsky State Pedagogical University in … Continue reading

Apple Offers A Color Screen Filter For Mobile Devices

Your Screen Just Got A Lot More Irlen-Friendly! Apple now offers a color filter for iPhones and iPads We’ve got good news for all you Apple users out there: iOS 10 for mobile devices now includes a Color Screen Filter you can customize to make your device Irlen-friendly! We know … Continue reading

How You Know It’s Time For A Filter Check

Irlen recommends annual filter checks to stay on top of any changes in the color property of your lenses and any changes in brain or body chemistry that might affect your optimal color. If you haven’t seen your Irlen diagnostician in a while, here are a few reasons why you … Continue reading

ISAW 2016 Shines a Light on Irlen Syndrome

The third annual Irlen Syndrome Awareness Week was a huge success, drawing participation from around the world in variety of in-person and digital awareness events. Below are brief summaries from just some of the awareness events and activities that took place. Thank you to everyone who participated in helping educate others … Continue reading

Technology’s Toll On Health And Performance

We all love technology. Cell phones, computers, tablets, video games, streaming media, Fitbits, Apple watches, Google Glass, smartboards, Siri – the list could go on and on. Unless you’re living under a rock in the middle of nowhere (can you even find “nowhere” these days?), you’re probably interacting with technology … Continue reading

When It Looks Like ADHD But Isn’t

Attention deficit disorders are running rampant among today’s youth (at least according to the media). Children who can’t seem to sit still, have trouble focusing and concentrating, and who are easily distracted are being labeled and given medication left and right. Yet, for as many as 50% the prescribed ADHD medication doesn’t … Continue reading