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About the Irlen Institute

Our Mission

The Irlen Institute, founded by Helen Irlen in 1983, has helped over a million people worldwide through its comprehensive diagnostic process and innovative technology. At the Irlen Institute, client health and well-being is our top priority – physical, emotional, and educational. We utilize a model of care that goes beyond just fixing problems. Our comprehensive diagnostic process is intended to help you gain awareness and understanding of the challenges you have faced, and help you take the next steps in your own future success.

Our Philosophy

We believe in personalized care and individualized solutions because everyone’s brain is different. Our technology is built on this philosophy, and we’re proud to say that it is the ability to address these individual differences that makes our solution so successful.

Our Institute

With over 170 Irlen Diagnosticians and thousands of Irlen Screeners, the Irlen Institute is able to offer our method to individuals in more than 44 countries around the world. Our International Headquarters, located in sunny, Long Beach, California, USA, offers clinical services and houses the national and international lab that services all of the Institute’s North American and European affiliates. We are always expanding our network of Irlen practitioners, and conduct regular trainings and conferences in a location near you. Find out more about how to join our team of professionals in the “For Professionals” section of this website.