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How Irlen Can Enhance Your Practice

The ability to identify and treat Irlen Syndrome in the individuals you work with allows you to offer your clientele access to maximum healing and learning potential. Irlen Syndrome is often a barrier that prevents other interventions, remediation, and learning programs from being fully effective. Once you address Irlen Syndrome, your other services can be more successful.

Better Diagnosis. Simply being aware of Irlen Syndrome allows you to better diagnose and treat your clients. A quick pre-screening for Irlen Syndrome can identify clients who are at risk.

Flexible Application. The Irlen Screening process is easy to administer, and can be adapted for use with individuals, large groups, children or adults.

More Effective Treatment. If you identify clients at risk for Irlen Syndrome and successfully address their Irlen Syndrome before addressing other issues, other interventions, remediation, and educational programs can be more successful.


Adding Irlen To Your Toolkit is Easy.

  • Learn More. Read the information on this website and get Helen Irlen’s books, The Irlen Revolution and Reading By The Colors. [LINK TO BOTH BOOKS IN THE IRLEN STORE]
  • Get Trained. Participate in one of our 2-day workshops offered around the world to get trained as a certified Irlen Screener. In this workshop, you will learn how to recognize the signs and symptoms of Irlen Syndrome, determine the extent to which color will help, and identify the appropriate Irlen Colored Overlay. Sign up for a workshop today.
  • Join Our Team. If you are already an Irlen Screener and satisfy the required qualifications, you can apply to become an Irlen Diagnostician. Our team of Irlen Diagnosticians are fully trained to determine the individualized color requirements for our Irlen Spectral Filters. This network of international practitioners is comprised of highly skilled professionals in a variety of fields, including psychology, medicine, ophthalmology, education, neuroscience, and rehabilitation. Inquire about becoming a diagnostician.