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Colored FiltersFor individuals wanting or needing more comprehensive light filtering to alleviate problems associated with both the printed page and in the environment, Irlen Spectral Filters are the answer. Irlen Spectral Filters are precision-tinted for each individual, filtering out the exact wave lengths of light creating perceptual difficulties.

Irlen Spectral Filters can improve problems with

  • reading
  • headaches and migraines
  • depth perception
  • night driving
  • sports performance
  • light sensitivity
  • copying
  • math

Only a certified Irlen diagnostician can identify the optimal color-correction hue and saturation.

Colored lenses provided by optometrists and vision specialists to treat reading problems are NOT the same as the Irlen Method. These professionals do not have the right colors, or diagnostic process for color selection. Inaccurate color selection can result in headaches, eye strain, and fragmented brain processing resulting in more distortions and reading problems.