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A: Yes, she was assessed by an Irlen Diagnostician in England where she presently lives. Soon afterwards, a number of adults diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome came to similar conclusions and were tested at the Irlen Institute in California. These individuals educated us about the benefits of the Irlen Method for individuals with Autism and Asperger Syndrome. The Irlen Method is not a cure for Autism. The Irlen Method is one piece of the puzzle for some individuals with Autism. It eliminates sensory overload and physical symptoms which are caused by lighting and misperception.

The problems experienced by individuals with Autism turned out to be similar to those we were already working with. The symptoms were not any different than those experienced by individuals suffering with learning and reading problems. However, there is one large difference! Individuals with Autism experience more severe perceptual problems. The stress from lighting, colors, patterns, and contrast bombards the system; and, to survive, individuals minimize or totally block out their environment. They may even shut down. How you ask? Some typical behaviors used to minimize the offending stimuli are looking away, looking in short glances, looking through fingers, looking sideways, or looking down.

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