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A: Absolutely not. I want to be very clear about the fact that the Irlen Method cannot cure Autism, nor do all individuals with Autism have difficulty seeing accurately. The Irlen Method reduces perceptual difficulties, physical symptoms, and sensitivity to such things as light, colors, and patterns. The Irlen Method is a piece of the puzzle for only some individuals, those who experience sensory difficulties.

Many individuals with Autism are bothered by sensory problems in other areas such as touch, smell, hearing, and sensitivities to food. Sensitivity in one area interacts and affects the other areas. Therefore, improving one area may have an effect on improving the individual’s ability to perform in other areas. Making it more comfortable to see, and to see accurately, may make sounds and other sensory input less overwhelming.

Since it may be difficult to know whether your child is bothered by light and misperception, ask family members if they have these difficulties. Often, problems with light sensitivity, sound sensitivities, and other sensory problems are genetic. Your other family members may be able to give you clues as to what is bothering your child, although the problems experienced by family members may be less severe and they may react differently to them.


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