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A: Yes. There are some simple and easy things that a parent can do at home or a teacher can do in the classroom. Let’s start with lighting. The most comfortable lighting for individuals with Irlen Syndrome is indirect natural lighting or incandescent lighting. Therefore, minimize fluorescent lighting. Keep rooms dimly lit instead of bright. Try having the child wear a hat with a brim or a visor in the classroom or in stores where there are fluorescent lights.

The classroom teacher can reduce the lighting by 50% in the classroom by simply turning half the fluorescent bulbs in each fixture until they are off. If the classroom has no windows, try adding lamps with incandescent bulbs.

Be aware of the colors, patterns, and fabric you select for the walls, carpeting, and furniture. Fluorescent and neon colors, stripes, patterns, and polka dots can create misperceptions, discomfort, and agitation. Avoid using these. Soft grays, neutral beiges, and soft blues are calming, comfortable colors for individuals who have Irlen Syndrome.

If you want your child to be able to look at you, watch what you wear. Avoid wearing bright or fluorescent colors, plaids, patterns, or polka dots on scarves, blouses, jackets, dresses, shirts, or ties. Avoid wearing bright, shiny jewelry that may glitter and glare.

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