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A: In most instances, perceptual processing problems have a hereditary component. Therefore, it may be possible to determine if your child needs Irlen Spectral Filters by asking other family members if they have any of the problems listed below. Remember, most people are not aware that they have this problem or think that everyone sees things just like they do.

Light Sensitivity. These individuals usually wear sunglasses, prefer dim lighting, and may find fluorescent lighting and glare to be bothersome. They may find night driving to be difficult because of the brightness of the highlights from oncoming traffic.

Problems with Attention or Concentration. There are two different reading styles. One group prefers to read for two hours, three hours, or until they finish the book. Individuals with Irlen Syndrome prefer to build breaks into reading. They may not read for pleasure, avoid textbook reading, or prefer to read magazines or short articles rather than books.

Experience Physical Symptoms. Those individuals who can be helped by the Irlen Method may become tired or sleepy, feel strain or dizzy, or get headaches, stomachaches, or other physical symptoms. Lighting or reading, using the computer, or performing other visually-intensive activities may be causing this problem.

Many autistic children cannot report or tell you how they feel. You may need to watch for behaviors to tell you that they are uncomfortable. Some behaviors which may alert you to this problem are rubbing eyes, squinting, looking down, looking away, or closing one or both eyes.

Has Difficulty in the Area of Depth Perception. Problems in this area can be experienced while driving, especially changing lanes or turning left in front of oncoming traffic. Other individuals think of themselves as clumsy or uncoordinated because they bump into things, knock things over, or cannot easily catch a small ball or do other such activities.

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