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Podcast #58 Helen Irlen – Science of Color

Join biohacker, entrepreneur, and wellness guru, Ari Meisel, as he interviews Helen Irlen to learn how Irlen Spectral Filters impact and optimize brain and body performance in this podcast on

Watch Podcast Now  (Helen’s interview begins at minute 19 of the podcast)

Podcast Summary:

In this episode, Ari Meisel talks with Helen Irlen, founder of The Irlen Method. Helen maintains that 25% of the polessdoinglogopulation is unnecessarily struggling with reading and learning related issues that stem from sensitivity to light and glare. Helen says that light coming from modern technologies such as white boards, fluorescent lights and computer screens can cause distress to many people. Through careful assessment, Helen can prescribe a pair of glasses that filter out particular spectrum of light that is at the root cause of brain fog, headaches, and learning problems.

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