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Irlen Method: The Link to Autism

Although many would support the behavioural view of Autism, I have always felt that my son’s sensory difficulties were his primary problem. I was advised to medicate and lock my son away in March of this year. He finally locked himself away from our world into a cycle of severely challenging behaviour. I declined the offer and skeptically took him to our Irlen specialist. I am so glad that I did because in three months, he came back to life. To date, 45 others have followed suit with astounding success”.

DJ has been assessed as high functioning with an IQ 132. Despite his ability, he has been unable to continually access mainstream curriculum, due to refusal to work and challenging behaviour (violence towards others). His communication, prior to Irlen lenses, had deteriorated to one-word answers and electronic jargon. He was head banging, self-abusing, spinning, and rocking almost continually.

DJ and another individual with Asperger Syndrome, MJ, have been wearing Irlen lenses for three and four months respectively. Both are seeing subtle differences in relation to sensory experiences. Both are less jumpy, less impulsive, less emotionally charged, and better able to think and communicate. Both have seen a marked reduction in rigid, obsessive, and ritualistic behaviour. Their confidence is increasing. Both report a marked reduction in hypersensitivity, both sensory and emotionally. Both report eating a more varied diet. Both report better sleeping habits and the ability to actually get off to sleep. Both report a marked increase in the ability to concentrate.

DJ after Irlen lenses:

  • Immediate effect of calmness. Obvious expression of happiness.
  • More relaxed stance generally.
  • Now could see people’s faces.
  • Picked up books and read with enthusiasm.
  • Looked out the car window for the first time and no longer felt car sick.
  • Much more relaxed in social situations. No more “grounding/touching” behaviour.
  • Coordination improved.
  • Much less affected by noise and movement.
  • No further hitting.
  • Visual problems eradicated. Some sounds still painful but no longer make DJ jump. Smells, fabrics, and foods tolerated much better.