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Irlen Shares at Veterans Innovation Summit (VISIT)

infinate hero

September 15-16, 2014, representatives from Irlen will be participating in the Infinite Hero Foundation’s Veterans Innovation Summit for Investing and Technology (VISIT). More than 200 partners and thought leaders, committed to innovating and investing in current and future technology for military veterans and families, will be in attendance. Pioneers in science, technology, medicine and veteran services will come together with corporate visionaries, social entrepreneurs and the investment community to exchange ideas and engage in stimulating peer-to-peer conversations about accelerating rehabilitation and reintegration.

Hosted by lnfinite Hero Foundation, the two-day summit will be held at Oakley’s global headquarters in Foothill Ranch, Calif. and feature engaging presentations and discussions that address mental and physical recovery for veterans following combat. In addition to tackling challenging issues such as war trauma to the mind and body, carefully curated presentations on topics such as the civilian-military disconnect will facilitate productive discussions with a shared goal to foster resilience and well-being among heroic veterans and unwavering support from American citizens and corporations. Irlen will be sharing relevant information and research on the use of Irlen Spectral Filters to treat chronic headaches, migraines, and light sensitivity resulting from combat-related blast injuries, concussion and brain trauma. We’re very excited to be a part of this special event!

About Infinite Hero Foundation A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Infinite Hero Foundation combats the most difficult front line issues – mental and physical – facing returning military heroes and their families. The Foundation funds programs that drive innovation and the accessibility of effective treatments for military heroes and their families dealing with service-related mental and physical injuries. For more information, visit: