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Irlen Syndrome Awareness Week (ISAW) Reaches the World


International Irlen Syndrome Awareness Week (ISAW) reached all corners of the globe, with exciting awareness events in places like Egypt, Greece, Jordan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada the United Kingdom, and the United States (just to name a few). Awareness efforts took on all shapes and sizes, from large-scale government and educator conferences to students making presentations in their own classrooms, yet each effort likely changed a life (or two or three or more!). We can’t possibly list all of the different events that happened during Irlen Awareness Week, but we wanted to share a few awareness events, efforts, and experiences here.

Awareness Week kicked off a day early with a radio interview of Helen Irlen on The Coffee Klatch Special Needs Radio on Sunday, October 19.


In the United States, CBS National News shared 8-year-old twins, Allison and Avery’s, story. Click image below to view the video, if you missed the live broadcast!


From New Zealand, actress and activist Lucy Lawless shares her family’s Irlen story with the world.

Egypt opened the week with a conference full of governmental and educational leaders, and Helen Irlen made the opening address via video.

Irlen kids, Shani, Oscar and Charli presented on Irlen Syndrome to all the classes at Bellair Primary school in Australia.


The word gets out in Amman, Jordan on October 22nd, during an awareness event at the I Learn learning center.


Irlen Awareness in Canada gets special support, as mayors of two cities in Alberta, Canada sign proclamations declaring Irlen Awareness week in their city.

awarenesscanada awarenesscanada2 awarenesscanadaproc2 awarenesscanadaproclomation

Beke Pyne in Australia spread the word via an edible message!


Other colorful edible creations:

awarenessedibles awarenessedibles2 awarenessedibles3

Irlen Screeners in Athens, Greece shared their awareness video (Nina Makri and Rita Makri).

Ange Eaton, parent of an Irlen child, set up an informational display in the teacher’s lounge at her child’s school.



Irlen Diagnostician, Jean Felton, fires up the Channel Islands, UK with an Irlen Smart car, pizza party, multiple presentations, free mini-screenings, and grabs local media attention!

awarenesssmartcar awarenesspizza


Sheila, Michelle Williams and Lisa Boyle all died their hair rainbow colors to raise awareness.

awarenesshair3 awarenesshair2 awarenesshair1

The Fernyhough- McAlpine family was busy during awareness week, speaking to media, being on the radio, and presenting in classrooms.

awarenessAdam awarenessfamily

Shaunie Katenicholas Featherbottom created a line of jewlery to raise funds to support those who can’t afford Irlen testing.

awarenessjewelry2 awarenessjewelry1

The list of awareness activities doesn’t stop here. There were newspaper articles, radio broadcasts, presentations, and free pre-screenings offered all over the world. Children spoke in front of the classes and wore their Irlen Spectral Filters with pride, and everywhere, people turned out their lights at 10am on October 21st to show their support for people with Irlen Syndrome. We couldn’t be prouder or more grateful to everyone who joined us in this awareness effort and did whatever you could let people know about Irlen Syndrome. We are already looking forward to next year’s Irlen Syndrome Awareness Week (ISAW) and hope you plan to join us once again as we raise awareness of Irlen Syndrome to encourage early identification offer expert solutions!