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The Irlen Method vs. Other Types of Color Interventions

Not all colors are created equal.

This is a simple statement, but very true when it comes to what makes Irlen Spectral Filters and Colored Overlays different from other available colored glasses and overlays. Irlen® is the original creator of color treatments for perceptual processing difficulties, and the Irlen Method is back by over 30 years of scientific research.

It’s all about the method.

There are other places to obtain colored lenses or overlays, but the reason Irlen works as well as it does isn’t because of the color, it’s because of the method used to determine what color you need. At Irlen, one thing we know is that people aren’t very good at picking their own color, they almost always choose wrong. With over 100,000 possible custom colors, the key to our method is individualized, precision tinting, and our in-depth diagnostic protocol ensures that you end up with the specific color your brain needs. Just because someone says they can help Irlen Syndrome, doesn’t mean they use the Irlen Method or offer Irlen Spectral Filters. Make sure you know what method of color selection is taking place.

You should wear them all the time, not just for reading.

Because our Irlen Spectral Filters are fine-tuned for your individual brain, they are meant to be worn all the time. Think about it, any time our eyes are open they are taking in visual information. If your brain is sensitive to light, it will be under stress whenever your eyes are open, not just when you read. Irlen Spectral Filters protect your brain all day long and even at night. Irlen color helps with depth perception, night driving, sports performance, attention and concentration, and overall neurological functioning that can impact your immune system, balance, and even sleep patterns. The Irlen Method also ensures that your Spectral Filters will work in all types of lighting conditions (i.e., bright light, dim light, sunlight, fluorescent lights). We want your brain protected all the time, and we systematically address these different conditions.

Colors will look normal.

The Irlen Method ensures that our Spectral Filters only remove the specific wavelength of light causing your brain difficulty. As a result, when you look through Irlen Spectral Filters, you won’t see any color. That’s right, white will look white, red will look red, all colors will look the way they should. Your world will not be tinted and things won’t look dark like sunglasses. That is the Irlen way.

Your overlay color and your glasses will not be the same.

Just because you like a blue overlay, doesn’t mean you should go get a pair of blue glasses. In fact, we strongly caution you NOT to do this.  Our research shows that the preferred overlay color is never the same as the color needed in Irlen Spectral Filters. Inaccurate color selection can result in headaches, eye strain, and fragmented brain processing resulting in more distortions and reading problems.

Only individuals certified in The Irlen Method can provide Irlen Spectral Filters.

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