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About Reading

“Writing looks smudgy as if a rubber has been over it. Any noise – distraction – I loose everything.” Trudie

“I don’t always know where I am. It’s like a light going on and off and like on a rope swing going from side to side.” Donna

“The words close up. I put my hand over the top of the page to stop the words wandering.” Gavin

“The words and my eyes go blurry, it gets darker and darker.” Michelle

“If its a hard word (need to look at it longer) the letters go rough.” Thomas

“It feels like all the words are mixed up. Words and pictures change places.” Leighann

“It just gets me mad. I feel like chucking the book.” Ryan

“Can I go away I don’t like looking at these. If I look through turquoise its black and there’s no white to look at and flicker but it doesn’t take all the rivers away.” Theresa

“The white goes darker. There are lots of colours all across the page. Purple pink goes across the page and green and yellow sometimes.” Paul

“The words move and then there are just squiggly lines.” Hayley

“Sometimes when you look at it, it sort of moves a touch and then goes back where it starts.” “It looks as if the page isn’t big enough and they have squashed it all up.” Nathan

“Writing moves across the page. Looking at this page all the squares went all around the page and the writing went funny like black lines. Gary

“When I’m looking at the word it kind of jumps. I see colours on the white spaces.” Leanne

“Its like a double image with one letter running into another and shimmering.” Jackie

“My eyes go dizzy”. Penny


About Writing on White Lined Paper

“I just sort of loose my balance.” Craig

“Lines look like they are moving.” Donna

“The space between the lines gets smaller – narrower.” Michelle

“I just loose my place when I am writing.” Teresa

“I can’t find the lines – the lines split apart.” Arron

“The lines fade away.” Stephen

“Sometimes I can’t see the lines at all.” Gavin

“The lines move about.” Luke