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Would colored sunglasses or tinted lenses from an optometrist help?

No. What makes Irlen Filters work is the patented testing process which can identify the individual’s symptoms and determine the correct color to eliminate the problems. Only certified Irlen diagnosticians are trained in this process. Vision specialists do not have the testing methods or range of colors needed to correct … Continue reading

What causes Irlen Syndrome?

Medical research has shown that this type of perceptual problem appears to be caused by a defect in one of the visual pathways that carries messages from the eye to the brain. This defect causes a timing fault in processing visual information. Filtering out specific wave lengths of light helps … Continue reading

Why do I need to have my vision checked before Irlen testing?

Visual problems should be corrected before testing since the Irlen Method does not correct visual problems nor does it replace the need for glasses.

Can everyone with reading problems benefit from Irlen Filters?

No. Only if you have a type of perceptual processing problem. Processing problems affect flow, fluency, accuracy, and comprehension. Difficulty with phonics and language can also interfere with learning to read, and these problems are not corrected by the Irlen Method. Problems related to language differences and poor phonic skills … Continue reading

Has there been research on the Irlen Method?

Yes, over 54 research papers have been published in peer-reviewed journals showing significant changes in reading rate, accuracy, and comprehension. In addition to educational studies and school district research, medical and biochemical research has documented the existence of Irlen Syndrome and the positive changes wearing Irlen Colored Lenses. Long term … Continue reading

If I have ADD or ADHD, can I be helped with Irlen Spectral Filters?

About 33% of those individuals with problems of attention, concentration, starting tasks, completing tasks, sitting still, and working under fluorescent lights can be helped by the Irlen Method. Irlen Filters may be a drug-free alternative.

Can Good Readers have SSS?

About 12 – 14% of good readers and even gifted students can benefit from the Irlen Method. For these individuals, using Irlen colored overlays and lenses will allow them to finish work faster, get better grades, do better on standardized tests, and eliminate headaches and other symptoms of strain and … Continue reading

How common is Irlen Syndrome?

Around 50% of children and adults with reading, learning, or attention problems have Irlen Syndrome. For some, the Irlen Method is the solution. For others, the Irlen Method is just part of the puzzle as there will be other reading/learning problems that need to be addressed. Irlen Filters will make … Continue reading

What happens when I come for testing?

The assessment process is separated into two testing sessions. The first session is called the¬†Screening. You will do various perceptual tasks with a certified Irlen Screener or Diagnostician. The testing creates an awareness of the various distortions you are experiencing when reading, educates as to what a page should be … Continue reading