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A: There are a number of areas which improve; but, of course, since problems are individual, so, too, are the areas that improve. The following are the most common areas of change: (1) Depth perception improves. Changes are seen in skills such as going up and down stairs, no longer walking off curbs or bumping into things, and improved eye-hand coordination. (2) Some individuals go from seeing a flat world to being able to see a world that is three-dimensional. One individual did not see curbs; another saw stairs as sheer and reported “it feels as if you are walking off a mountain.” (3) Behavioral changes. The child is calmer and less anxious. Some of these children feel better because they no longer experience physical symptoms, such as headaches or dizziness. (4) Improved social interaction because of increased ability to see faces correctly and interpret emotions. (5) Increased ability to hear sounds and voices. (6) Improvement in thinking, listening, and communication skills. (7) Academic skills, such as copying, math and reading, are more accurate.

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