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Q: If people are interested in having their child examined, I understand that you have clinics all over the world – is that correct?

A: Yes, there are professionals all over the world who have been trained and certified in the Irlen Method. The individuals who are trained in the Irlen Method include psychologists, counselors, and educators. Click here to find an Irlen Diagnostician.

Q: If you meet a parent of an Autistic child AND the child was newly diagnosed AND you were the first professional they met, what type of advice would you give him or her?

A: All of us, parents and professionals alike, are looking for a cure; but until one is discovered, I suggest that parents treat the complex array of symptoms associated with autism. This is not an easy process since the symptoms are multiple, varied, and found in different combinations in each child. … Continue reading

Q: If a person is experiencing perceptual problems, is it helpful to change the person’s environment?

A: Yes. There are some simple and easy things that a parent can do at home or a teacher can do in the classroom. Let’s start with lighting. The most comfortable lighting for individuals with Irlen Syndrome is indirect natural lighting or incandescent lighting. Therefore, minimize fluorescent lighting. Keep rooms dimly … Continue reading

Q: Is there a hereditary component to the Irlen Syndrome? And how can parents tell if their child will benefit from Irlen Spectral Filters? I understand that you feel that these two questions are related.

A: In most instances, perceptual processing problems have a hereditary component. Therefore, it may be possible to determine if your child needs Irlen Spectral Filters by asking other family members if they have any of the problems listed below. Remember, most people are not aware that they have this problem or … Continue reading

Q: Once you figured out the correct color, is that the color that will be worn for life or worn for just a year or two? In other words, do you re-evaluate a person to see if the color should be changed?

A: Individuals usually wear their Irlen Spectral Filters for the rest of their lives. The problems return whenever the glasses are removed. We re-evaluate each person once a year to determine whether the color is still working or needs to be changed. Colors change over time. When they change, the benefits … Continue reading

Q: Do individuals need one color or different colors?

A: Each individual needs his/her own color and wears that color all the time, both inside and outside. If individuals are sensitive to light and color, the wrong color can create strain, fatigue, headaches, make them sick or dizzy, or create a more distorted environment. Once the offending colors of the … Continue reading

Q: What are the common reports of changes by parents as well as those people wearing the filters?

A: There are a number of areas which improve; but, of course, since problems are individual, so, too, are the areas that improve. The following are the most common areas of change: (1) Depth perception improves. Changes are seen in skills such as going up and down stairs, no longer walking … Continue reading

Q: Do you mean a change in the child’s facial expression and behavior?

A: We can use a wide range of behaviors to determine the right color. Depending on the child’s problems, we might be using changes in facial expression, eye tracking, sustained attention, language, or improvement in fine or gross motor coordination. It is not easy to test by monitoring changes in behavior. … Continue reading

Q: How do you evaluate individuals who have problems understanding what you asked them and expressing how they feel?

A: Parents often ask, “Can you actually test individuals if they have no or little language, if they have difficulty expressing themselves, or if they have behaviors which interfere with their ability to cooperate?” We do not need an individual to be able to talk to tell which colors are helpful. … Continue reading

Q: So when you evaluate an Autistic individual, you primarily use colored lenses. Is that correct?

A: Absolutely.